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Tips for Choosing an Airport Shuttle Service

Want to Make Sure You Arrive at the Airport on Time?  

Traveling is stressful enough without having to worry about the logistics of getting to the airport on time. However, it can be tough choosing which airport shuttle service offers the best price, service, and reliability.

These Way 2 Go Transportation Services, LLC tips will help you schedule your shuttle for the right time, ensure it picks you up, and gets you to the airport or your destination on time.

Your planning helps the shuttle

Booking a service in advance will help the shuttle driver to pick you up promptly. Calculate how long it will take to drive from your home to the airport, then add remember to add at least an hour in case there is traffic or the shuttle is for some reason late. Also, consider if you are only on holiday during the holiday season, will there be heavy traffic?. Will the airport shuttle service have to deal with bridges, construction, tolls, or any other possible delays? If so, you will need to allow more time.

Narrowing it down

Investigate at least 3 transportation services, and check previous passengers’ reviews, also, make sure they are all properly licensed to offer transportation services in your locale. Many of the services they offer will be the same or similar.

The cost, and who’s on board

When deciding on an airport shuttle company, consider the bigger price. If you choose a cab for your trip, the price will often depend on the distance traveled, plus the pick-up fee. Many shuttle companies offer flat rate fees, for example, from the airport to a hotel.

Ask whether their rates include transporting you and your party only, or if there are other clients that need picking up along the way. If others are going to be riding with you, you may be charged per passenger.

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