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Think It Is Easy to Run a Limo Service?

Think It Is Easy to Run a Limo Service?  

What Does It Take to Run a Limousine Service?


There are no standard licensing requirements for chauffeurs. Some regions do require a chauffeur to pass a test to become licensed while others just need an applicant to fill out a form. Most states don’t need anything other than a basic license, although some may want a driver to apply for a commercial license if a limo is carrying numerous passengers at one go.


Limousines need to pass the same safety tests as other vehicles. Each conversion shop needs to put their vehicle variation through a series of tests, such as crash tests to make sure the safety of the passengers and driver are up to standards. The government regularly inspects vehicles and asks for proof from limousine service companies that their vehicles have all been tested.


Generally, limousines are lousy on mileage; however, it does vary from vehicle to vehicle. Limousine companies need to pay gas guzzler tax on every vehicle. Basically, this is compensation for the pollution a limo creates over its lifespan.


The price of limousines can range from bargains to extortionate prices. A custom-built Arnage limo could be over $300,000; however, a used stretch Lincoln could be less than $30,000. Conversions do cost as much depending on the vehicle base, the length it is stretched to, and any amenities you include.

Services and Dealerships

There are simply hundreds of limo services within the U.S. that rent limos and offer drivers to the public. There are also several private operators that hire themselves out or become personal drivers for the wealthy. Before renting a limo or buying one, it pays to do some research for such services. Make sure they test their vehicles and, when possible, find out what the process is for their drivers. Reputation within this industry is paramount, so choose a service that has a good one.

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