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Limo Service Tipping Guidelines

Worst Limo Passenger Tipping Mistakes  

Below is a worry-free guide on how and when to tip a limo service, that is guaranteed to help you be a savvy traveler.

Why tip

You are tipping for the moment, and for any future service, if you are a frequent user of the service. You are tipping because someone was helpful, service gratuity has been around for decades, and the custom is an understanding between the tipper and tipee. Many limousine users do this when their chauffeur went above and beyond the normal level of service.

Always leave tips in cash, and when possible, give them directly to the tipee. This way, you are sure that the right person is getting thanked, and the house is unable to take a portion of it.

  • When calculating tips for services rendered, ignore sales tax, and base your gratuity off of the pre-tax total of the bill.

  • Watch out for any keywords and phrases such as “for your convenience,” which often means that they have done some ‘unscrupulous math”.

  • Whenever in doubt, always do the numbers yourself with a tip calculator such as WorldMate, or even on your iPhone.

  • In several establishments, there is a prominently displayed “Service Charge” or “Gratuity fee” that is added to your bill by default, especially for party sizes of 8 or above.

  • When tipping your driver, leave the tip in an obvious place, or in an envelope that has a note that says thank you for your services.

  • Obviously, if the service that you received was sub-par, then no tip is necessary, and, if it was a particularly bad experience, put in a complaint to the limo company.

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