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Are You Wasting Too Much Fuel Using the Wrong Tyres?

Are You Wasting Too Much Fuel Using the Wrong Tyres?  

Is Your Airport Transportation Service Using the Right Tyres?

To an average person, looking for tires is basically a matter of searching for the best deal for the ones which look the best. To a limousine company, it’s a completely different game. Due to limousines weighing more than a basic sedan or passenger car, airport transportation drivers and owners have to take care when buying new tires. The sad fact of the matter is there are several owners that look to save money by purchasing the least expensive ones which fit the size requirements, without actually ensuring the tire can handle the weight ratio.

Are Your Tires Up to Carry the Load?

One of the most important aspects of an airport shuttle services limousine tire is the weight ratio. This number defines the maximum weight each tire can safely carry. The higher the number, the more weight it can carry. It’s always recommended to buy a tire which meets or exceeds the load ratio of a vehicle. The very nature of limousines call for heavy duty tires. The size of the tire is crucial, however, so is its load bearing capacity. So even if a tire is the same size as another, it does not necessarily mean they have the same load capacity. There are tires specifically created to use on limousines.

All vehicle manufacturers, no matter if they design compact cars, limos, or big haulage trucks, have to ensure their tires can not just take the weight of the vehicle, but the expected load to. With limousines, this is the weight of the vehicle and the maximum number of passengers it can take.

So to be sure that your tires can take the correct load:

A. Find out the weight of a loaded vehicle.

B. Then divide it by four.

C. Ensure each tire is up to carrying a minimum of 1/4 of its total weight.

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