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Airport Shuttle Service Vehicles

Vehicles Often Used for Airport Transfer Services  

An airport shuttle service makes traveling easier and stress-free. The following are a few of the most commonly used vehicles for these services.


As airport transfers are sometimes a charter service, the likes of sedans and van-type vehicles are usually referred to as “chartered hire cars”. Sedans are generally used for a single passenger, however, this will often depend on the number of luggage that is being transported. The most popular models are Nissan Fuga and Toyota Crown.


As mentioned above, sedans and vans are collectively known as “chartered hire cars”, and they are the most commonly used vehicles when it comes to airport transfer services. The most popular models used are HiAce and Toyota Alphard. In the case of the former, the model used will be the high roof Grand Cabin, which holds up to 9 people, in addition to 8-9 large suitcases. This van’s feature means it is suitable for a large variety of customers and different occasions.


Chartered buses are great for groups that have a large number of people. There is also a salon type that comes with rotatable seats in the back, so you can have fun on the bus. You can choose from the likes of microbuses, small-size buses, medium-sized buses, and large-size ones, depending on the purpose and the number of passengers. Microbuses and small-size buses are generally reserved for short-distance transfers.

Special Vehicles

For customers that are disabled or use wheelchairs, we recommend the aforementioned HiAces, as they have lift access, minibusses, and larger buses. Depending on the kind of airport transfer service you need, you can choose a vehicle that has restroom facilities or a premium modified vehicle that comes with genuine leather seats suitable for long-distance travel.

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