Not sure if you want a standard limo or something different?

What are the different types of vehicles that a limo service could offer?

Luxury type of limo sedan

The word limousine refers to luxury vehicles, longer than the average car, and driven by a chauffeur, rented through professional limo companies. Limousines are normally black or white, yet there is also custom made limousines available for hire via a limousine service, that range in color, shape and amenities, and even include hot tubs or jacuzzis. Limousines are the most expensive type of transportation, and give an image of wealth or power. However, the truth is far from this. A limo service is available to everyone, at competitive prices, for people treat themselves to luxury transportation for events like weddings, proms and other parties. What are the different types of limos.

Sedan limo

There are different types of limo that vary in size and features. The smallest limo is the sedan.  This is the cheapest to rent, and only fits 2-3 people comfortably. This is commonly hired for airport travel.

Stretch limo

Stretch limos are similar to sedans, but they are longer. There are 3 types of stretch limos which vary in size. There is a six-pack, eight and a ten. The stretch limo is a great option for a smaller parties.

Super stretch

There are super stretch limos. These come in different models like Towncars and Bentleys, or even SUV’s like Excursions, Escalades, and Hummers etc. Super stretch limo are a good option for parties when everyone wants to be together.  These limos fit from 14 to 20 people easily. Some include a fifth door for easier entrance and exit for their passengers. There are numerous amenities including televisions, bars and lighting. Ensure you get a professional and licensed driver, because driving such a lengthy vehicle is difficult. Super stretch limos are popular, and one of the most popular colors is pink.

Party bus

Party buses have been popular recently. They provide the same luxuries, yet are large enough to stand up, walk round and stretch your bodies. These are ideal for partying as many have dance poles and lighting that is similar to a club. Party buses are the best choice for fitting many passengers, as up to 44 people can fit in one.

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