Limousines Then and Now

Follow the Evolution of Limo Companies in the US

In this post, we will discuss the evolution of the limousine rental industry. We hope that you will find it interesting to learn more about how limousines changed during the past centuries and which the most common types of vehicles are that limo companies offer nowadays.

  • Modern back limousineSince the beginning of 1700’s, limousines have been luxurious and chic means of transportation for the rich and the famous.
  • The name limousine was given in honor of the historic Provence of France. Originally, the vehicles which were considered luxurious were horse-drawn carriages. Their drivers used to wear cloaks which were known as limousines.
  • In modern times, the definition evolved, and the limousine came to be known as a luxurious saloon vehicle which had a strong wheel base. The first limo was built in 1902 and was driven by a chauffeur again.
  • In 1916,  the limousine was defined by the Society of Automobile Engineers as : “A closed passenger vehicle that can accommodate from 3 to 5 people and has a driver’s seat which is outside the passenger compartment.
  • In 1928 the first stretch-limousine was designed by a coach company in Arkansas. This type of limousines were popular with the name ‘big band buses’.
  • During the 1970’s the length and size of common limousines were increased. The stretch limos were inspired by the Lincoln Town Cars, and extra 10 feet were added to the chassis.
  • Limo companies were at their peak in the 80’s when limousines became widely recognized for the luxurious traveling conditions they provided.

Nowadays limousines have evolved a lot. Here is a list of the most popular limos you can rent now with limousine service companies like Way 2 Go Airport Transportation: standard stretch limo, sedan limo, Lincoln town car, limo party bus, movie star coach, limo shuttle, motor coach, excursion limo, Hummer stretch limo, convertible limo, etc. For more information about the common brands of limo vehicles offered, contact our office in Phoenix, AZ at (480) 378-0440!

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