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Are There Any Limos for Large Parties?

What Are Limousine Service Buses? Limousine buses are also referred to as party buses. They come in different sizes to ¬†accommodate smaller or larger groups. Their interiors are luxurious and have the same amenities a standard limousine has, plus other items which can be found in a night-club setting. People can rent these through a […]

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Think It Is Easy to Run a Limo Service?

What Does It Take to Run a Limousine Service? Licensing There are no standard licensing requirements for chauffeurs. Some regions do require a chauffeur to pass a test to become licensed while others just need an applicant to fill out a form. Most states don’t need anything other than a basic license, although some may […]

Extraordinary Wedding Day Trips in Arizona

Our Limousine Service Has no Limits! If you are tired of those traditional wedding celebrations that are organized in fancy country club restaurants, can offer you an alternative for a change! How about spending a nice day cruising around and the surrounding area with your closest friends or family members? All this is possible now […]

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How to Select the Right Limousine Service to Satisfy Your Airport Pick-Up Needs

Tips to Help You Book the Most Reliable from All Local Limo Companies Depending on the event that you are booking a limo for, you will have different priorities and, therefore, will look for different types of luxury vehicles. Today, the specialists of will help you select a limousine when you need an airport transfer […]

Learn the Difference between the Most Common Rental Limo Types

What Are the Vehicles Which Different Local Limo Companies Offer for Rent If you are looking for a limo service but you are not sure what the best vehicle to suit your needs and accommodate the party you are traveling with is, we advise you to read the following post which will inform you about […]

Limousines Then and Now

Follow the Evolution of Limo Companies in the US In this post, we will discuss the evolution of the limousine rental industry. We hope that you will find it interesting to learn more about how limousines changed during the past centuries and which the most common types of vehicles are that limo companies offer nowadays. […]

Want to Give Your VIP Every Luxury?

What Is a Limo Service and Can It Be Used for Airport Transportation? An airport transportation service provides customers with a limousine and a driver. The vehicle is usually hired by the hour, and the price largely depends on the type of limousine, fuel prices in the area, and the extras a client wants. A […]

Fed Up of Being Behind a Desk All Day, Love to Drive and Be Paid for It?

What does it take to become an airport transportation limo driver? A limo driver¬†is a chauffeur who is responsible for driving clients to and from various locations. Events that require a limo driver can include airport transportation, weddings, dances, theatre, sporting events, proms, and birthdays. Additionally, VIPs like celebrities, dignitaries, officials, executives etc. often employ […]